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 Institute of Juheng Acupuncture & Moxibustion (IJAM) is an organization started in 1996 in the USA, and in S. Korea with an aim to restore and teach the original principles of Eastern Medicine.   IJAM is passionate about making the world a better place by advocating, preserving, practicing, and teaching the true principle of Eastern Medicine for the holistic well-being of human life.

Disclaimer: Most information on the Institute of Juheng Acupuncture & Moxibustion is available in Korean, which has a wealth of established track record of the organization and teaching materials.  But we have very limited information regards to Master Chung and his students' teaching materials in English, and what we have is somewhat difficult to translate from Korean to English due to lack of adequate resources.  We will work to provide more and better resources in English in the future.  If you want to learn more about the organization, please use the form below to ask any questions.  

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Institute of Juheng Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Introduction of the Institute of Juheng Acupuncture and Moxibustion (IJAM): The Juheng Oriental Medicine is original teaching based on principles of Eastern Medicine, and well-founded in the principle of ‘One Origin Three Universal Principle’, which is the essential principle and the mastery of oriental medicine. Institute of Juheng Acupuncture and Moxibustion (IJAM) is an association that trains Juheng Oriental Medical practitioners based in S. Korea, the U.S. and other parts of the growing partnerships around the world. IJAM strives to restore the original teaching and principles of Eastern medicine that has been passed down for thousands of years through the right understanding and realization of how true healing takes place and how to best prevent sickness by living a healthy, balanced life.

Juheng acupuncture

An Insert from Master Chung's published book

For the past thousands of years, Eastern medicine has passed down from generation to generation. Yet, despite its rich history, various misinterpretations, missing contents, and alterations that have arisen over time made it difficult to understand.  This medicine was taught orally, and it is undeniable that the differences in the cultural and religious background, medical experience, and historical period of the scholars influenced the interpretation of the texts.  Though the changes were inevitable, ancient scholars must be accredited for their efforts in preserving the texts.

It is through their perseverance that Eastern medicine is being recognized for its longevity as a monument of ancient medical science that is still being practiced today.  However, it is essential to be humble and remember that there is always room for modifications and improvements.

Eastern medicine covers a broad range of traditional therapeutic practices, including acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal medicine.  Of these three, acupuncture is considered to be the best therapeutic modality.  Acupuncture uses needles to access the vital points of the body, helping to re-establish and maintain the body's harmonious balance both internally and externally with the environment.  These theories and treatment approaches embrace the unchanging law and order of the human body and the universe.  

Acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal formulas are primary weapons used to fight against human diseases (pathogens) in original Eastern medicine.  As mentioned in the previous paragraph, acupuncture tends to be the primary choice of method in the treatment plan.  There is even an ancient proverb that says, "First acupuncture, second moxibustion, and  third herbal formulas."  However, acupuncture practice underwent continual modifications as it was transmitted through different generations.  Alterations from the original principle led to changes in treatment methods, bringing confusion to the authenticity of Eastern medicine.  

The foundation of the Juheng begins with understanding how the insubstantial aspect of the Invisible function interacts with the Visible Component of human.  The process of learning the Juheng provides physicians greater knowledge to go beyond their limits and understanding of human being.

It has been a custom for the teacher to select only a small number of students from those who passed a number of tests because this medicine requires more than just intellectual knowledge.  Selected students then went through vigorous mental and physical training to confirm the eligibility of becoming a physician.  These meticulous and challenging examinations were absolutely necessary to differentiate the best among the elites.

The Juheng can only be taught to those who have been predestined to walk in its path-healers with a genuine heart to love and care for another human being.  They received a calling to treat illnesses, to stand by one's side through the process of healing, and to restore and renew life.  Therefore, these values and methods of treatment should be imparted to individuals who are compassionate and ready to embrace the pain of others.  Needless to say, it is crucial to first establish a strong foundation of knowledge and to produce dedicated and passionate physicians who will help to carry the torch.

The Juheng was passed down confidentially through a specific family clan and is the only text that mentions about the Principle-based acupuncture.  It uses the Three Division aspects to understand the intention of the One Origin that makes the laws of the Juheng.  Principles are ageless, fixed, and absolute entities that provide clear evidence of authenticity that is displayed in all being.
It is always challenging for modern students to return to classical texts and discern the true foundation for a given subject.  Pursuing an abstract fundamental aspect of a subject may be going against the current trend that favors high speed and advanced technology.  We have texts based on Eastern philosophy that does not use technology or man-made machines to explain the creation and transformation of life.

The authenticity of the principle of medicine is expressed through actual healing in itself.  The visible act of healing stems from the caring heart of the physician who longs to restore the health of others.  This act creates an atmosphere to develop the relationship between the patient and the physician.  True healing occurs only when a physician understands the value of life and is able to accurately observe, assess and give genuine treatment.  The ability to deliver this complete act of healing emanates from the physician's mind that is unified with their compassionate heart.

Eastern medicine has clear principles that have been passed down through sages for the past thousands of years.  Medicine is a compilation of their wisdom and clinical experience that have been acquired throughout history on how to fight against diseases and bring harmony to the mind and body.

Eastern medicine has to be taught by a teacher who is humble and highly experienced.  The quality of the teacher is very important because this medicine is based on how well the teacher understands and grasps the abstract concept of the Invisible Function.
All theories begin with the realization of principle-based truth.  Although these fundamental concepts are formulated by people, each scholar tries their best to achieve the most ideal foundational concept to prove their theories.  History reveals that while many famous scholars became narcissistic and proud, there were others who remained humble and made a genuine, honest effort to preserve the original teachings.

We each have tendencies to want to become perfectionists because we were created by the perfect being.  Therefore, it is in our nature to desire to be perfect.  There are two ways people try to achieve perfection.  The first way is by analyzing every material in this world and breaking down the mechanisms by observation.  The second way begins with acknowledging that every material in the world was created by the invisible Superior Being and realizing one's identity by studying the natural orders of the universe.  True realization can only be obtained through the second method, which begins when one is able to understand their relationship with the universe.   Truth is justified through understanding the principles of the Infinite, Invisible Realm and this process requires wisdom to transform these principles that can be applied.

Medicine has to develop from this foundation.  Therapy must be based on the truth because it deals with sacred life with no room for compromise.  Therefore, one needs to expand the truth by understanding the One Origin Three Universal Principle.  One needs to have a firm grasp of this principle to understand Juheng.  The depth of a physician's insight of these principles will determine the impact and efficacy of treatment.

The treatment involves using needles to tap into the meridian.  This involves the concept of how the inside of our body is connected to the Infinite, Invisible Realm.  But if these mechanisms remain as an abstract idea to a physician, they will not be able to give an effective treatment.  The mechanism behind using acupuncture and moxibustion derives from Eastern philosophy and begins with observing the interaction between the human body, heaven, and disease (or illness).  Therefore, a physician always needs to be aware of the One Origin Three Universal Principle and formulate acupuncture treatment plans.  This method embraces the idea of not only treating the physical pain but to go beyond and treat the invisible, imperceptible aspects of a person.  This is the spirit of Eastern medicine and physicians must acquire these insights to understand the illness and how to treat a person.

Humility comes with realizing the truth-that one is required to have a compassionate and humble heart.  However, those who are used to the worldly teachings are usually too proud and pessimistic to accept the teachings of this Principle.  --What good is it to gain all the knowledge and riches of this world?  They are like dried leaves falling from a tree by the wind of truth...

There is nothing that is more precious than one's life.  And another person's life is just as important as one's own life.  Therefore, one should be able to share the pain of others and treat one another with a sense of commitment and obligation.  Compassion and sincerity are two core values of this medicine that every physician must possess and continue to pursue.  When physicians are able to see a patient with this state of mind, they will be able to treat the disease state and heal the person as a whole.   


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Institute of Juheng Acupuncture & Moxibustion (IJAM) is an organization started in 1995 in S. Korea and in the U.S. with an aim to restore and teach the original principles of Eastern Medicine.   IJAM is passionate about making the world a better place by advocating, preserving, practicing, and teaching the true principle of Eastern Medicine for the holistic well-being of human life.

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